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Thanksgiving Dinner is a Test of Our Ability to Maintain Presence: A Thanksgiving Survival Guide!

Would you choose to live in presence today? Congratulations!  You are about to receive a great gift, a virtual initiation into higher consciousness!  You are about to have Thanksgiving Dinner! (Please save this and apply it to Christmas, New Years … Continue reading

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Forgiving Our Enemies: For They Knew Not What They Were Doing

Would you choose to live in presence today? Now, after the killing/capture of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon Massacre, there is a need for understanding and forgiveness.  The two unconscious young men from Chechnya were heavily programmed by … Continue reading

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Judgement Qualifies Us for the Crazy Club: Taking the Vow of Nonjudgement

Would you choose to live in presence today? First, congratulations if you even dared to click on this link!  Really.  You are truly willing to face yourself if you tackle the issue of pride and judgement (1).  Lester Levenson pointed … Continue reading

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Bin Laden’s Death

Would you choose to live in presence today? I was living on Long Island when the attacks occurred.  My family stood on top of the Twin towers several years before the attacks. What a beautiful view that was. A classmate … Continue reading

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