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If You Are Infected with the Virus That Causes COVID-19, Should You Fear Death?

Would you choose to live in presence today? And what if the risk of death is supposedly higher for you for some reason? Maybe you have diabetes or some other compromised state of immunity. Should you then, if infected, give … Continue reading

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“What Am I?” and “What Is God?” Answer the First Question and You’ll Answer the Second.

Would you choose to live in presence today? “What Am I?” and “What is God?” are related questions.  The Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi, pictured above, instructed us to ask the question “Who am I?”  I prefer to ask “What Am … Continue reading

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What are you? From the “I am” to What You Will Become

Would you choose to live in presence today? I teach my patients and clients to watch what follows the “I am” in their speech. Interestingly, I heard the exact same statement in the Bible from two sources today, Joel Osteen … Continue reading

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