“Choosing to Live In Presence, Revealing Happiness”

Would you choose to live in presence today?

“Being present is a decision we make from moment to moment. Right now, while reading this, stop for just a few seconds and check yourself. Observe yourself as if you are outside your body looking at yourself. See if you look like you are present or not. We all can discern the mental states of others, so just do that for yourself. What do you look like in emotional terms?

If you see yourself as experiencing any emotion or energy that you’d consider negative like “I don’t care” energy, or “That was disappointing” energy, or “He/she shouldn’t have done that!” energy, or “Why is my (body part) giving me trouble?” energy, just sit with it and look at it.

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Presence itself is the ultimate cure, although there are further gentle methods of coaxing such energies away, including the methods I teach.

But for now, just look at that energy, notice that energy, and you will find that presence with it alone is enough to dislodge at least some of it quickly. In this simplest of approaches I call the “Live In Presence Process™,” you don’t even have to say anything out loud or silently. Given time, it will all disappear into nothingness, just as it came out of nothingness.

Were you always this angry? Were you always this sad? Were you always this apathetic? No. You were not born that way, so it’s simply a temporary state that your own mind decided to latch onto and run over and over again in your consciousness until you decided “I’m angry!” or “I’m sad.” or “I’m disappointed!”

Are you really those emotions, or are you just temporarily feeling a certain way? Hence, the expression, “This too shall pass.” But for “This” to “pass,” you will need to be present with the negative emotion, using the simple process above.

Make the choice to be present in your life and with your life, and decide to be happy. Happiness will chase you down if you do. There is a reason that happiness shows up.

Here’s the secret… Many people write in their dating profiles things like “I’ll love you if you can make me laugh!” Too many people are depending on their happiness from outside themselves and their life. “If you marry me, then I’ll finally be happy!” “If this investment works out, then I’ll finally be happy!” “When my (body part) stops causing me trouble, I’ll finally be happy!”

Having the goal to marry to the right person, having the goal to make a great investment, or having the goal to be healthy again is fine. It’s the feeling that our happiness is conditional on any of those that is off base.

“If, then” statements are conditional. If this, then that. But if NOT this, then I’m not playing, and I’ll be unhappy is what our egos say. But what God or Spirit or the Universe (use whatever term you prefer) wants from us is “unconditional love.”

The good news is that our happiness is within our own control. It comes from the decision to be free of all the negative emotions we have, by being present with them as I showed you earlier.

You will discover, if you strive to love your life unconditionally as it is, that it will then naturally heal itself.

Your natural state is happiness, which is why there is no one in the world, nothing in the world that can MAKE you happy. That would be like me saying “I’m going to MAKE this orange be an orange!” It’s very nature is being an orange, and your very nature is being happy.

Be present with your entire life as you imagine it in the past, present and future, and you will discover that fact – that your natural state is “Being Happy.” We’ve always had the capacity for happiness beneath the emotional mess we dreamed up in our lives.

Be present continually, and if you slip, return to presence, and you’ll find you are, in fact, happy! ;)”

P.S I hope that was helpful to you, or reminded you of who you are more fully, and reminded you that happiness is your natural state. If you have any questions, please message me here or give me a call.  Whether you can afford to pay or not, contact me HERE

(The above is an excerpt from the book I’m writing on my method of revealing happiness in life…)

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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