The Law of Creation: What is in the Forefront of Your Consciousness?

Would you choose to live in presence today?

Young Thinker at Work with the Law of Creation

Young Thinker at Work with the Law of Creation

Notice today what is in the forefront of your consciousness.  This is what you are focusing your attention upon, so this is what you are now creating.  The term “law of attraction” is fine as long as you realize that the law is really one of creation.  Thought creates and if it creates an attraction, so be it, but that thing that was attracted had to be created first.   So that brings us back to the law of creation.

Just write down your immediate thoughts about your day, your week, and your future.  Nothing can be created except that which is created through thoughts, whether they are intuitively based or driven by karma (the past).

If you have thoughts of doubt, hesitation, and difficulties, you cannot create other than that which flows from those.  On the other hand, if you have unimpeded thoughts of faith, certainty, and success, you can create nothing other than success, health, and loving relationships.  It is impossible to experience anything that you have not held in consciousness, even if momentarily.  So get clear about what you want in life and you will experience it as explained on my “definition of presence and creation” page: Presence Definition and Creation.

There is one more trick and my course addresses that.  We must transcend any feelings of negativity that surround our thoughts even if they are positive.  For example, if we have a positive thought, but have doubt associated with that thought, we have negated that thought, and are now unable to move in the positive direction.  Forward motion and success flow from transcendence of negativity and entry into the allowing space of conscious presence.

Write down your dreams.  Transcend them.  Allow them.  Creation in Presence is what we are here for.  Give the gifts that you were meant to uniquely give to others, and receive your overflowing good in the abundance of reciprocity.  You will live your dreams in Presence.

Wonderful photo above is by James Jordan: Lost in Thought

Would you choose to live in presence today?

This is an excerpt from my book on living life in presence.  If you would like to learn more about the “how to” of living in presence, be sure to take my course.  It’s described on my homepage here (please scroll down a bit when you get there)The Course

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