Making Your Own Decisions: From Confusion to Knowing

Would you choose to live in presence today?

From Confusion to the Ways of Knowing

From Confusion to the Ways of Knowing

Be careful about consulting others about your decisions.  They see your life through their own filters, many of which you and they may not even be aware of.  Do you want to make your major life decisions based on their fears?

They also will tend to tell you what you yourself are saying to win your approval.  The classic “Yes, you’re so right man/sweetie!”  Of course, they mean well, but they may not understand that a true friend tells us what we do not necessarily want to hear.  That would be the classic “You are so full of crap!”  In any case, be sure to move past what they say to your own understanding.

What about going to psychics?  Psychics may not help you unfortunately.  Why?  Because all that 99.999% of them can tell you is what is going on at a particular time and project that forward, and furthermore, a number of them have their own “stuff” in the way, which blurs their vision.  For example, if they are judgmental, their reading will be judgmental and they will mislead you.

At best, a psychic simply sees the current picture, which is transformed when you are transformed.  If you never changed, they could tell you what will happen to you, but you do change, so they have no clear view of what will happen in your life.  Furthermore, anyone in a high enough consciousness to know absolutely what will happen to you would never tell you!  They would want you to come to your own understanding.  The problem with psychics is that you will not learn to develop your own innate intuitive abilities if a psychic becomes your crutch.  A psychic who truly wanted to help would use the information solely for helping you grow, and teach you to become intuitive yourself.  Some do, but most do not restrict their practice in this way.  So again, move to your own understanding.  Learn how to develop your own intuition.

How do you do that?  Of the ways of knowing, what is the path you can rely upon?  When you are transcendent in regard to any subject, you will “feel quiet” about it.  If you think about a subject and feel reactive, you are not done yet.  You have not gotten to “quiet.”  You are still living in the past, and your past is still directing your present and future.  Use whatever process you use to bring yourself to “quiet” and from there, make your own decision.  Your decision will be as clear as you are at that point.

Yes, just because you felt quiet when you came to your decision does not mean you haven’t overlooked some of your “stuff.”  If it turns out you took a “wrong turn,” it was based on your remaining “stuff” around the subject, “stuff” that you kept hidden from yourself.  The good news?  Once you transcend that remaining “stuff,” you will know your perfect place, who the perfect people are for you, and your perfect purpose.  In true quiet there is only true knowing.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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