The Law of Allowing

Would you choose to live in presence today?

The most powerful word in the creation of the life you want is the word “allow.”  The Secret at least in places obscured the secret that when we are fully out of the way and allowing healing, abundance, and love in relationships, they emerge without any real effort.  We may be called upon to take numerous actions in our allowing process, but we enjoy doing what we do, because we are in alignment with what we are.

There is no power in ego-derived mental or physical effort.  Let’s be clear here that I am talking about the feeling of effort inside, NOT the making of effort outside.  The law of allowing says that the FEELING of effort is resistance, which inhibits the flow of good in our lives, because resistance is ego.  Any sense of effort = ego = resistance to our good.  When we feel something is hard, we are experiencing resistance.  We can then ask “What am I resisting?”  “In what ways am I impeding the flow of my good?”  Once the feelings of resistance have been transcended, love is re-established in our lives.

Beyond resistance is both the flow of love and our good.  The one power flows through us unimpeded from the one source as we serve the highest good of all, including our own, from this place of allowing.  From that one source, everything we need appears exactly as it is needed.  We do “ask” for the things we want, but we certainly don’t have to beg.

Pleading with God/Universe is not asking; it is begging.  If we must plead, we must, but when we realize God/Universe does not need instructions from us, we can give up our pleading, surrender all sense of effort and simply receive our thoughts of what is needed, simultaneously knowing that everything is being taken care of even as we may take numerous actions,  appearing to others to be “working hard.”  Inside, there is no resistance, and we experience the joy of the fulfillment of our health, abundance, and love in our relationships according to the law of allowing.  Truly powerful, yet nice and easy, allowing.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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  1. I love this subject matter, and the subject of your whole blog. Thanks for the positive thoughts.


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