“Having a Job” Should be Considered a “Near Death Experience”

Would you choose to live in presence today?

The point being that unless we define what our purpose is in our job or business in terms of our true sacred mission, we just “have a job” or “have a business” with no life in it.  We’re just drawing a check, which is pretty close to being “dead” on the job or in our business.

Dead On the Job

By Defining Your Sacred Missions, You’ll Come Alive!

So how do we move toward being fully alive in a job or in our business?  Define your sacred mission in the job/business.  Whom are you serving, for what reasons are you serving them, and why is that important?  Ultimately anyone can define the sacred nature of their work.  And if you are not working, you still need sacred missions, or you are pretending to be dead.  ; )

The exercise is simple, but it must go much deeper than an intellectual business mission statement.  Sit comfortably and quietly and simply ask “What is the sacred mission of my work?”  You can expand that to “my life” if you want or make it specific to “my mission in raising my children.”  Dictate the answers into your smart phone or jot them down and refer back to them and update them regularly.  Your missions may change.

If at the end of this exercise you are not inspired by your life’s work, you did not go deep enough.  Or maybe you will change what you do, but do your best to find your mission where you are as the starting point for that exploration. Find the sacred purpose of being right where you are, no matter what you aspire to doing.

We are here to serve our sacred missions.  We are here to get up in the morning and serve again.  It’s not about us, a job or a paycheck as much as we may think we need it.  We’ve got our missions to accomplish.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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2 Responses to “Having a Job” Should be Considered a “Near Death Experience”

  1. Verna Safran says:


    I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t do Facebook. I consider those “near-death experiences” because they consume time unnecessarily and invade people’s privacy. I may get on Facebook in a few months,but only to publicize the children’s book I’ve published.

    I do like what you’ve said about a “sacred mission.” I used to pray, every time I went into the classroom to teach, “God, make me an instrument of your wisdom and compassion.” Now I’m not teaching any more, but I do open myself to divine guidance in my writing.

    It’s always nice to hear from you. I don’t go to Unity often, but when I do, I look for you, to have a conversation with, because you are always so well balanced.

    Peace and presence,


  2. David Durand says:

    Hi Verna,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I’ll pass on your tough Facebook comments to Mark Zuckerberg. ; ) I do get your point. If it steals a person’s presence, it has not helped him/her. An example would be checking your Facebook feed at the dinner table. ; )

    What you practiced as a teacher is a beautiful demonstration of sacred mission and of the article. Applying that to writing is great. Being the vehicle, so to speak, of the divine mission of our life is what we’re after.

    Warm regards,

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