How to Achieve Goals: Expand, Refreshen and Review

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I want to keep this goal setting theory article short, so it will provide immediate and enduring benefit to all who read it.  Ready?

Expand your goal listWrite ALL Your Goals Down, not just some of them.  Most of us have incomplete and stale goal lists.  Even those of us who insist we’ve written our goals have not written them down for every important area of our life.  So our relationships suffer while we make lots of money, or our health goes south, because we neglect our body, while taking care of family or work or both.

Goal List

Achieve your goals by expanding, refreshening, and reviewing your written goal list.

Refreshen Your List: Take goals off your list that you are not doing and renew your commitment to the goals you still want to achieve.  You are creating negative energy by having goals you do not actually complete on your list.  End that today.  Admit “I have no intention to write that book this year.”  Then decide when you’ll review that decision.  You’ll feel better and be more authentic with yourself.  Refreshening the list also means adding new goals, including the mushy thoughts you are actually working on as new goals without committing them to paper.   If you have not committed a goal to paper (or computer), you have not committed to the goal.  Our minds need that anchoring in physical reality to make the thing we seek a physical reality.

Review Your List Often: If you have in fact written out your goals, but haven’t looked at them in more than a week, take a look at them again.  Review them at least once a week.  Review your goals for TODAY by the end of the day or by the beginning of the next day.  Your consciousness can only create that which you provide focus to and writing goals down and reviewing them frequently provides that focus.

Expand, Refreshen and Review.  Implement these steps with your goals and let me know how it’s going publicly on the Facebook page or privately via the contact box on the website,  Now go get ’em!  In presence of course.  ; )

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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Write Down Your Goals and Keep the List FRESH

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