Abundance Without Limits

Would you choose to live in presence today?

Unlimited Abundance

We limit our abundance in one place – in our own consciousness.

Abundance is unlimited.  Sit with that and at a deeper level – do not program yourself to believe it; instead, seek to know on the inside, at a deeper level, that it is true.

What is my abundance definition?  I like one that I’ve heard from multiple sources which is “it is having enough so you are able to do what you’d like to do in life when you would like to do it.”  Clearly, the actual picture and meaning of abundance varies tremendously from person to person.  Some people live on relatively little and yet are much happier than those considered to be wealthy.  Many who are abundant lack the feeling of abundance and have therefore not achieved it, not internally.

An investing world associate of mine, Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Associates Investment Research, on whose website I wrote in the form of a blog (then called a “thread”) for several years as a major independent unpaid and unedited contributor, recently said in an article on a particular thought of scarcity, namely that we could run out of oil, which is often referred to as “Peak Oil,” :

“Look around. Observe that the same kind of abundance tends to manifest itself in almost every area of human endeavor. 

“The simple fact is, the more energy we use, the more we discover. Likewise, the more computers we make, the better they get. The more food we grow, the more efficiently we can grow it. This so-called experience curve is the result of the application of the human mind. “

I would move this one step further beyond mind, which is restricted to the sum total of our thoughts and is therefore limited, and say that it is the result of our consciousness, individual and collective, that allows for abundance to show up as it is needed and even to run over.  You are well provided for essentially if you “know that” deeply.  You can work with consciousness on the individual level and also on the level of your community and ultimately come from a place of having abundance for the entire world.  When you know that you are abundant by nature, you have abundance for yourself and others, and from that place of having abundance, rather than lacking it, more shows up.

So check right now and ask:

“Do I have the sense that I have abundance or that I lack abundance?” 

If it is the former, great, but you may still want to consider thoughts you may have about increasing your abundance from its current level and particularly the way you feel about it.  What do you feel a “life of abundance” is?  Well, that is up to you.  

If we do not have the sense of abundance and prosperity, we clearly need to shift our consciousness in those moments.  Start by sitting with the knowledge that you cannot create what you are not aligned with and that this is the time for you to make the decision to become aligned with abundance.  Once you make that decision, you can take steps to correct the blocks in your consciousness that keep the abundance you desire at bay.  First demonstrate it for yourself, then you can help others demonstrate it.  And of course, we can give to others as we raise our own consciousness and abundance.

Become aligned with abundance in any way you know how.  It is not by begging and pleading with God/Universe, because all that is about lack.

I believe that if you learn to live in presence, you will live in abundance.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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