Fear, Doubt, Intuition, and Fulfillment: Mary’s Transcendence to Motherhood

Would you choose to live in presence today?

The story of Mary is inspiring to those of all faiths.  Why?  Her story is about faith itself.  Mary was not ready to be the virgin mother from the start.  She is a wonderful example of the understanding of the role of doubt, fear, and intuition in our consciousness.  How do we move from fear through doubt to a true intuition where we KNOW what to do in the deepest possible way?

When the angel Gabriel came to her to tell her she would bear a child named Jesus without having been with Joseph, her initial reaction was one of fear.  After all, she had not had any visits from angels before.  She “should” be afraid.  The verse in Luke says “But when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying…” [a]

What?  Mary, the virgin mother, was troubled, had cold feet and was not ready to marry Joseph and have this child?  Yes, she was afraid at first, but what she then decided to do was to examine her fear consciously to see if it was valid or not.  She brought presence to her fear.

Well, it was a process she went through.  She actually then went into her head a bit, because she had never been with Joseph in the biblical sense, so things definitely did not add up in her mind.  So, still in doubt, she asked Gabriel, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?”[b]

Gabriel then explained that she was being favored by God, that “For with God nothing will be impossible” and that she need not concern herself with the details, but he did not stop there.  He also was kind enough to appeal to her knowledge of other miracles that she herself had witnessed.  He said, “Now indeed, Elisabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren.  For with God nothing will be impossible.”[b]

Elisabeth had given up on having a child.  She then gave birth to John the Baptist.  So Gabriel was compassionate enough to show Mary that she had the understanding within herself to believe in the birth that was about to occur, to marry Joseph, and raise their child together.

What is the point?  The point is that in our humanity, we sometimes need to witness a miracle or two before we are truly willing to take a leap of faith, to give birth to whatever we are giving birth to whether in a business, in a relationship, or in the renewal of our health.  But if Mary could have fear and doubt and still move forward, so can we.

But when do you move forward and when do you step back?  You move forward once you have transcended your attachments and aversions to the birth trying to happen in your life right now.  Whatever that birth is, get mentally quiet about it.  If you have a method of doing that, good.  If not, feel free to speak to me about how that can be done in a deliberate way.

Once you are mentally quiet and the confusion has stopped, you can receive what is commonly called an intuition, which is simply one more thought, this time born of silence, from the heart, not the head.  That is my definition: Intuition is a thought born of the heart.  Once quiet mentally, you are ready to move forward with your true intuition in faith.  Faith is simply the sense that you KNOW what to do; you KNOW what is right and what serves the highest good of everyone including yourself.  You are no longer making circles inside your head in confusion.  You are clear.  You KNOW what you will give birth to and you do.

The key is not the particular choice that is made. The key is that we make our decision for or against taking a step forward in our lives from a certain place – from our intuition that rises from our heart, the quiet place of knowing.  All decisions made there will result in the greatest good in our lives and the greatest sense of contentment. I wish you your greatest good and your greatest contentment, whatever you decide!

May you be truly rewarded this coming year in all of the births of your life.  May you come to the point of full faith, to where you know what is true for you and act on it.

Have  very Merry  Christmas and a Happy and very “Mary New Year”!

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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