What are you? From the “I am” to What You Will Become

Would you choose to live in presence today?

I teach my patients and clients to watch what follows the “I am” in their speech. Interestingly, I heard the exact same statement in the Bible from two sources today, Joel Osteen and Elizabeth Thompson (you can find Joel by Googling his name, and you can listen to Elizabeth’s message here: Elizabeth Thompson.  Her message usually starts at about the 1/2 hour point if you want to get directly to the message.)

The quote they both referred to is from Joel 3:10 American King James Version: “Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.”  The point of this is that we need to move from any negative “I am” statement to a positive, affirming statement. 

So “I am sick” becomes “I am well.”  “I am poor” becomes “I am abundant.”  Any slip from the higher place in consciousness, and the sick, poor, discouraged, and confused “I am” will chase us down.   In the midst of a crisis, if we say “I am confused,” we can’t  expect to find answers we need.  Affirm “I am intuitively guided,” and simply allow the answers to come.  You can adjust all these statements in a way that works for YOU.  If you are a religious Christian, you could say “I am intuitively guided by God.”

It is often tempting to state the negative.  Egos like to state the negative.  I completed a screenplay recently, and I’m selling it now.  Believe me, there are countless stories I could attach my mind to in regard to failures to sell screenplays.  Michael Hauge takes a different stance in his book about both screenplays and novels, “Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds.”  He points out that everybody, every single writer, was a nobody before they became a somebody.

So start from the place of “I am successful.”  People will tell you that you’ll never get a literary agent.  If that is so, who are the agents working for?   The answer is they are working for those who had the knowledge: “I am successful.”  Not success from the proud ego taking credit; successful from the point of being one with that which is the one power in the Universe.  It is success in Oneness with God, Beingness, Universe that we seek.  Success in harmony.

Being tempted by confusion, lack of money, fear, and anger is not a problem.  All we need to do when we see a “negative I am” statement arise is to make the switch.  Succeeding in life is an evolutionary process.

There is a further nuance I would like to share about writing goals.  Don’t be too specific.  Does it matter who buys my screenplay?  No.  If it sells to the first or the 20th reader, what does it matter?  So instead of stating “I am now successfully selling my screenplay to Joe Jones by 10 am tomorrow,” I say “I am now successfully sharing my screenplay with the world in a way that will serve the highest good of everyone and everything including myself.”  Why limit the amount?  First screenplays have been sold for anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to three million dollars or more.  I am not insistent that someone buy it either.  But I am fully allowing them to buy it, if they so chose.   See the difference?  One comes with a push; the other comes without the push.  They may even refuse to read it.  That’s their right.  But you and I can cast the bread on the water.

And what if the world doesn’t want what we have to offer?  For the first time writer of a novel, it may mean writing 6 more before everything clicks.  There is a highly successful romance novelist who did exactly that.  Her first 6 books were basically non-sellers and suddenly the 7th was a huge success.  Or maybe we will decide to direct our energies in other ways and make a greater contribution.  It is about giving in our unique ways, while abiding in the “I am.”

Abiding in the “I am” is about abiding in love.  As you’ve heard from me before, if you want great relationships, GIVE love to your relationships.  If you want a healthy body, GIVE  love to your body.  If you want a great job and be well compensated for what you do, GIVE love to your work.  If instead, you blame your partner, your body or your job for your lack, lack will chase you down.  Abiding in the “I am” requires that we take 100% responsibility for our relationships, our health and our work. It’s about going inside ourselves to find the truth (see prior post for more on that).

It is the case that some people who enjoy doing certain things are just not good at them, as hard as they try.  Would we want to write 100 novels before realizing we don’t write creatively as well as we do something else?  Perhaps you are the world’s greatest “XYZ” instead.  Take the feedback from the Universe and look inside yourself deeply before abandoning your goal of course, but there is a time to realign yourself to that which will be the source of your good.  Abiding in the “I am” will take you where you are going.

Imagine someone extremely talented in one way doing something completely different and demanding success from the world in a way the world did not accept.  Picture Lady Gaga serving as President of the United States.  That is the picture of massively misdirected talent. 

Find what the world wants from you and give it from your heart.  Pour out the love.  The circle of reciprocity will send back to you the same love you put into your unique and wonderful work, your health, and your relationships, as you move forth as the “I am” that you are.

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Would you choose to live in presence today?

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my book on raising consciousness that will be further edited prior to publication. If you have any feedback, please send me a comment via the “Contact Me” page above. Thank you.

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  1. Really great article.

    “Find what the world wants from you and give it from your heart.”

    Good stuff!

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