The Resurrection of Your Life

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my book on raising consciousness that will be further edited prior to publication. If you have any feedback, please send me a comment via the “Contact Me” page above. Thank you.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

What is the message of the resurrection of Jesus or any other that was resurrected?  (Did you know that it is said that Peter resurrected three people after Jesus’ passing?)  This is not a religious matter.  Resurrection is for people of all faiths.  Even the surgeon, Bernie Siegel, in “Love Medicine and Miracles” describes how he aided the resurrection of a man who had been written off as dead by the anesthesiologist after surgery.  If a dead body can be resurrected, so can you be resurrected in your own life!

Where do you feel stuck, tired, confused, overwhelmed, or dead in your life?  Just pause for a moment and see what thoughts come up when you ask yourself:

“Where in my life do I need resurrection?”

That sense of feeling “dead” in an area of your life or immobile, unable to move forward, change, or forgive and renew your life simply requires your presence.

The question is “Are you willing to experience for a moment those areas of your life with these deep feelings of deadness behind them and allow for your own resurrection?”  This is the true resurrection.  It is total forgiveness of everything you feel is wrong in your life now or that was wrong in your past.  If you feel your situation or past is “wrong,” then you are in resistance to what is or to what was.  Either way, you are putting off your own resurrection in consciousness.    You can now choose resurrection.

Getting to the point of being willing to look at certain events from the past may take time, because we feel “too raw” and we feel we need to sit a while with past situations and points of “deadness,” before we are willing to transcend them.  But the critical insight that allows for resurrection is that YOU ARE NOT THESE FEELINGS OF DEADNESS.   You are experiencing, witnessing them, but you are NOT THESE FEELINGS.  You never were a feeling.  You had them.  Yes, had, because all feelings relate to your past and NONE OF THESE FEELINGS OF DEADNESS has anything to do with THE PRESENT MOMENT.  So the feelings are not what you eternally are.

Here is the way out.  Feel these feelings of deadness, of immobility, of loss, and simply declare your choice to live a resurrected life in joy and happiness.  How?  The word “Yes” is sufficient, but you could also say “Yes, I will now allow the resurrection of my life.”  Or “Yes, I will now allow the resurrection of my life in regard to ___________(fill in the blank).”  Then just sit quietly with that until you feel transcendence.  What you find underlying your imagined pain and suffering that you have until this day held to be your truth is the simple truth of what you are.  You are beautiful, whole, healthy, and complete.  Everything you need is provided for your life.

Welcome to your own resurrection!  Welcome to your own joyous life.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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