The Reason for Your Birth: Full Realization and a Joyous Life

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my book on raising consciousness that will be further edited prior to publication. If you have any feedback, please send me a comment via the “Contact Me” page above. Thank you.

The reason for your birth was for your full realization in consciousness and so you could live a joyous life. We are a beautiful gift of consciousness for others and for ourselves.  Others represent that same gift for us.  In being that gift, we alternate between being a conscious or an unconscious gift to all beings in proportion to our full realization of Presence .

As I’ve said so many times, it is not important when or how often we are unconscious.  None of us can avoid her/his unconsciousness, because otherwise s/he would. What we can do is thankfully accept our moments of clarity, of consciousness, one at a time.  When given that gift, pause a moment and just say “I am grateful for this gift, for this moment of clarity in which I am now seeing the untruth behind my prior thinking and feeling.  I was in judgment and now I am not and for that I am grateful.”  Once you’ve said that once, the next time, simply say “Thank you.”  Feel the full realization of gratitude and the Presence in that statement.  It is not a mantra.  Say “Thank you” once and then know it deeply.  Or use whatever words suit your practice.

When we take this step to recognize and appreciate our moments of consciousness, we will naturally find the other moments in which we are, and let’s say it gently, less than fully conscious. We are gentle, because the purpose of being fully realized is love, not to chastise ourselves for forgetting to live that way.

How can we spot these moments of unconsciousness? Whenever we feel reactive to anything or anyone, we are more or less unconscious. Whenever we are resistant to “what is,” we are more or less unconscious.

This is not a judgment of “what is” as being right or wrong; it is a recognition that the condition of “what is” cannot change until we transcend our need to have it otherwise. We still see what others call “evil.”  We choose to see it with love, and think, speak and act from love rather than from hate.  We transcend the energy of the word “evil,” and we choose love even when we lock someone away for the rest of their life.

We can fully realize our birth for the highest good by being a good patient and taking our medicine whenever we feel reactive. No, not that sort of medicine.  We take the medicine of transcendence.   The secret of full realization is simple, but it’s up to you whether you pick up this gem:

If we simply transcend any reactivity that arises each time it arises, we will fully free our consciousness.

It is when we think, say, write, or do things that are untrue that we need to take the medicine.  Anything coming from reactivity/resistance is untrue.

What if we mess up? If we miss something, but see it later in the day or the next week, that is great, because our freedom is still there for the taking when we choose to live in presence.  Freedom comes with transcendence and is delayed every single time we think, speak, write, or act from “untruth.”

Freedom is re-established every time we transcend the untruth (reactivity) and fully realize truth. The hurts and unforgiveness that we bury in our past often return in our next business, community, relationship, or health situation.  We have established our thinking and feeling about a subject and it continues to have its own life in us.  It is the cause of all our suffering.

Yes, we must transcend our buried reactivity from our past.  Why?  Because if we do not, it will come and find us one day. That is all karma is.  Karma is simply the fulfillment of our prior thinking and feeling.  Good thoughts result in good harvests and reactive thoughts result in negative harvests.

Karma means that the buried reactivity pops up again, sometimes with surprising forcefulness, in another situation where that previously buried resistance/reactivity plays out. Our birth was given to us so we could work out our prior reactivity (karma) in the present moment.  And we do not have to believe in so-called past lives to benefit from this principle.  If we go back to an hour ago, back to a day ago, back to a month ago, back to a year or more ago, what we will find is our buried reactivity and in that buried reactivity lies our unforgiveness and our lack of freedom.

I received a card recently with a saying on it that read: “What you withhold imprisons you.” When we withhold forgiveness from anything or anyone from our past in any way, we imprison ourselves.

So we take our time to remember whom we have not forgiven and list all the ways we don’t forgive them – we must do this exhaustively to the point of mental quiet. That means until when we ask: “For what have I not forgiven her/him?” there is a series of thoughts.  Until they stop, we still have work to do to fully realize our love and the joy of our life.

Finally, we will have exhausted the energy of the past with that one person and then we move to the next.  That identifies our buried reactivity.  As you go through the thoughts, for each sentence of unforgiveness, transcend the feeling associated with the thought of unforgiveness/reactivity in whatever way you have been taught transcendence.

Please don’t make the mistake of believing that people do evil or non-loving things consciously. They may seem superficially conscious to some, but no act of unlove is EVER done from a place of Presence.  It is by definition impossible for unconscious acts to be done consciously!  Think about it!  ; )  This misunderstanding that is often stated as “S/he should have known better!”  Really?  Many teachers have pointed out that no one “should anything.”  People do the unloving things they do in unconsciousness.  There are no shades of grey in consciousness, only in human thinking.  So forgive them for they did not know what the heck they were doing!  And neither did you when you messed up now and then.  Forgive yourself and them.

Forgiveness Exercise:

Things I have not forgiven her/him for:

1. S/he…..(fill in the blank)

S/he did not know what s/he was doing.  S/he did her/his best with her/his understanding at the time.

followed by transcendence…

2. S/he….(fill in the blank)

S/he did not know what s/he was doing.  S/he did her/his best with her/his understanding at the time.

followed by transcendence…


Transcend the feeling of unforgiveness in whatever way you have been taught. Feeling the feeling is the simplest form of transcendence.  As you feel a feeling, it vanishes on its own. Simply put, Presence causes feelings to vanish.

Repeat the process until completely quiet and if any unforgiveness pops up when you inquire again, repeat this process again until you are quiet again. Just as a physician must check the patient for additional layers of infection as the debris is scraped off the wound (debridement), we must check to see if we are truly clear before we are done with our work and have completely forgiven them, for they knew not what they were doing.

Transcendence is forgiveness is the medicine.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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