Do You Feel Like You Have Enough Money? The Secret to Receiving All the Money You Were Meant to Have

Got Loaves?

Loaves (and fishes!) are a symbol of abundance and in order to manifest it, we must first connect to God, the Source of everything, including money.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

Having more than enough money without getting stuck at a level that feels like it’s “not enough” requires that we know without a shadow of a doubt, as best we can get there, that “God provides” for all our needs.  If we don’t get this in our “gut,” we will never receive the money we were meant to have.

The catch is this: We cannot receive the amount money we were meant to have, unless we FEEL ABUNDANT.  Feeling abundant means that we know down deep and without question that we are always well provided for.  This must be true, regardless of our current money level.  This core is missed by many who study the workings of the mind and subconscious and the so-called “science of getting rich,” because that is all mind, and we are more than mind.

Before we will receive our greatest good, including all the money we were meant to have, we must know this: “God Provides.”  This is part of what I now call “Christ Consciousness Abundance™.”  Even Jesus, before manifesting the fishes and the loaves, got quiet and communed with God.  THEN he asked and received.  If it was a required step for someone in as high a consciousness as Jesus (and in my opinion, he was in the highest consciousness achievable), connecting to God, the source of all, is also a necessary step for us to achieve abundance regardless of religious background.

This step is the core of the command: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” If you are in communion with God, you know that you are well provided for.  In God communion, your mind is totally aligned with God’s, so his abundance is yours as well.  God’s money is our money.  We are One.  Not aligned with God, then there are “no fish or loaves or money for you” to paraphrase Seinfeld!  Align with God, and fish, loaves and money show up to nourish your life.

Think about it.  It’s why we pray BEFORE we eat, not after.  We give thanks before we are fully sure that the food will actually go down our throats.  Admittedly, it doesn’t take a whole lot of faith to believe that we’ll be eating what is in front of us, but it’s still true that faith is required.  The dog could jump up and run off with our meal our mind may say.  ; )

If we ask for money by visualizing it, or if we ask or pray for things or changes in our conditions before we have either understanding or faith, then all the visualization and prayer in the world won’t work.  This was the assertion of  Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity in his book “Prosperity” published shortly after the Great Depression.

Another key step is Transcendence, which prepares us to receive the good including money that is just waiting for us.  It can be used as a tool to reach a point of oneness, understanding and faith.  Transcendence will lead you to the complete knowing of the truth of your Being, knowing who you are, the result of which is knowing that “God provides,” which is the translation of “Jehovah-jireh.”

Whether we like the statement below or not, if we don’t understand it at a deep level, we may never feel satisfied with the abundance and level of money we achieve.  That is why I’m sharing it with you.  We don’t have to be good to create money.  We don’t have to be very conscious at all either, just a little conscious and a little focused in our attention. 

Manifesting money is not the test of presence.  It’s having abundance in a way that supports the greatest good of all without creating negative karma that counts.  Whatever you create, you must be aligned with the greatest good while you create it, otherwise there is negative karma from that creation.  Create wealth while in transcendence (in communion with God), and you’ll create only good karma.

Feel each part of this.  It’s important to do more than just read these sentences.  Connect with them at the feeling level:

Money flows to me from God and is unlimited in amount. In my individual expression, I manifest and use money as God would, as I continually align myself with the greatest good, including my own.

or you may like:

Money is created from God Substance which is unlimited in amount. In my individual expression, I manifest and use money as God would, as I continually align myself with the greatest good, including my own.

You can come up with a very specific money or other abundance goal to add to that, but that is the place where abundance starts in my view.  If we think “WE” are our supply and there is no spiritual support for us, the energy we’ll need to manifest money will be monumental.

And after we’ve asked for “what we want” in our written goals, and after doing the transcendence work I mentioned, we give thanks to God for providing that which we are about to receive.  Just like we do before a meal.  Try doing that as a spiritual practice again if you have not been doing it.  It carries over into your whole life.  Use the words that feel right to you, not the vain repetition that Jesus explicitly warned against.

If you would like me to witness your “claiming” the above as a truth you intend to work with over the next month, send me a message to that effect, and I would be happy to hold sacred space with you as your good unfolds. Send your goal if you like as well through the website:

Click Here if You Wish to be Supported in Your Belief in Your Abundance 

Remember…”where two or more are gathered…” Sharing your intentions is VERY powerful, but share them ONLY with those who are in as high a state of consciousness as you are, or higher, so they can and will support your spiritual growth.

Remember to allow yourself to create money and all other forms of abundance in communion with God.  Doing it on our own is nearly impossible.  The more energy it takes us to create something, the more we’ve been creating in ego rather than in communion with God.  Been there, done that.  No need to repeat it.

With all due respect, it’s not actually “the Law of Attraction.”  It’s the Law of Creation.  God does not attract; God creates.  So do you as an expression of the living God.  Man is a vehicle of God expression.

Create as God would and live an abundant and joyous life.  Complete, continuous, unfailing abundance including money will follow.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

P.S.  If you don’t know how to “be transcendent” and “in communion with God,” I can show you how.  Yes, you can learn how to connect first to God and then to your greatest good and receive all you were ever mean to have.  Unfortunately, many of us grew up with traditional religions that did not teach us how to have a direct, profound and continuing experience of God.  Some were able to, but many never truly and profoundly connected with God in a manner far beyond the intellectual plane.  If you feel that is you, or if you feel you are stuck at a level of money that does not feel comfortable to you, contact me for a private no-cost discussion of your spiritual path and your experience with the laws of creation and abundance using the link above.

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P.S. S.  A note on wording… Some like to say “God/Universe,” instead of “God,” and I admit using that term in the past as a means of communication, but I find it limiting at this point. As far as we know, God has created numerous Universes. To think that is not possible would be limited thinking. And “Universe” implies the physical.

If you get hung up on picturing a big guy with a white beard when you use the word “God,” ask yourself what God is and see what answer you get back. Jesus called God “Father,” but he understood that as something way beyond the “Dad” or “Dad with a supercomputer” concepts. “Feel” what God is. Just thinking about God is not likely to help. You can start there, but you will need to experience your communion with God to finish.

God is also more than a simple “Source” of things, as a simple source is mindless and God is not mindless, but rather includes the totality of all Mind, including mine and yours. There are spiritual laws, which are changeless, and to which the source is subject. So there is something beyond the source of all things that is God.

We’ll leave it there for today. ; ) In the meantime, substitute your word for “God” whatever that is, because you know what the word means to you, and even “God/Universe or Source” is fine if it works for you. I am simply sharing my own understanding at this time to encourage your personal understanding of what God is.

Would you choose to live in presence today?

The photo of the loaves is courtesy of the photographer:         Glenn Dettwiler

Tithing As a Practice to Create Wealth (click and scroll down)

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