Be the Witness of Your Life: Witnessing Is a Bridge to Presence

Would you choose to live in presence today?

Being present has to do with being aware of what is happening and what others are saying and then responding in a giving way from your heart.  Assuming everything is perfect even when the appearance in our world is otherwise allows us to respond rather than react to the events of our life and to the comments of others.  Assume at least that “it’s about me” even if you also believe “it’s about them.”

“Being aware” means that you are not only aware of the outside event or person, but of yourself as you move through the situation or conversation.  The ego is aware only of “the situation” or “them,” whereas the you that is present is aware of “the situation,” of “them” and of yourself.  Being aware of yourself in your life, is the secret of what it is to “be the witness.”

Whose life is it?  Mine.  So I can be aware of myself in my life.  I can be aware even as I live my life from one moment to the next to the next.

“Be the Witness” Exercise: To get a feeling of what it feels like to be aware of yourself in your life,  practice witnessing your life, even while you are having conversations.  Notice that you are aware of both your own words and those of others in those conversations.   In fact, the sensation of this is that you are watching the movie of your own life as it unfolds.  Words are coming to the characters as they speak.

Who is it that is aware of all the words of all these conversations and of all the situations in your life?  The real you.  The real you that knows the way to abundance, health, and love.

Once you get the hang of how to “be the witness” and have found how to turn your attention back toward the “real you,” you simply remain in presence when you’re there and return to presence when you are not.  One who is present does not need to return to presence.  Doing the “Be the Witness”  Exercise from time to time can be a useful reminder to remain present throughout our day.   And if we find we have lost our place, and we can catch ourselves “being reactive,” we have this “witnessing tool” to regain our place, which i s what I call on my website a “bridge to presence.”  Presence never leaves us; we leave it.  But when we return to presence we return to peace, love, and the goodness and joy of our lives.

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Would you choose to live in presence today?

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my book on raising consciousness that will be further edited prior to publication. If you have any feedback, please send me a comment via the “Contact Me” page above. Thank you.

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