Live In Presence with Your Heart’s Desires

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my book on raising consciousness that will be further edited prior to publication. If you have any feedback, please send me a comment via the “Contact Me” page above. Thank you.

Where do the desires of your heart come from? They flow from all of your prior thinking and feeling. Those thoughts and feelings all add up to your heart’s desire in a particular part of your life.

You are not responsible for their arrival. That is, they simply show up. They are gifts that are the unfolding of your life and your realization. Once they do arrive, if you remain present, you will be in the best position to take that heart’s desire and turn it into something truly beautiful for you and everyone touched by you.

Why do you need presence? Because it is only in presence that we are able to allow our heart’s desire to be fulfilled for the highest good and the greatest happiness for both others and ourselves.

If you remain present, what you say and do can only be loving. Your desire fulfilled, can only serve what is good. Fulfilled in that space of presence, there is never any resulting karma. The fulfillment of any desire, without attachment or aversion, is fully loving.

If the desire begins with attachment, but that attachment is then transcended as your heart’s desire is fulfilled, there is also no karma, meaning that there is no negative consequence that arises from the fulfillment. When there is no attachment, you have nothing to lose, but all of the joy of the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. That is what a truly joyous life is all about.

Always embrace your heart’s desires as they arise, while remaining fully present, transcending any attachment, and you will be living a joyous life filled with love. No kidding!

Would you choose to live in presence today?

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